Thursday, January 10, 2013

A New Year Brings New Challenges

2012 is a year I'll never forget. We seemed to survive the 'world ending' but this world is certainly different. As the seasons continue to change, so do the emotions that tag along. This year will be full of challenges for each of us. Yesterday marked four months since losing Bobby- where did the time go? It feels like just yesterday I saw him running around with Luke, laughing, having fun.

As the snow is finally sticking, I think of Bobby often. He loved snowboarding with his buddies every chance he got.. some of the best days were on the mountain with him. I recently spent the day at Bogus and all I could think was that he should have been there with us. On the drive up we had an extra seat up front, the emptiness was hard to ignore- that's where Bobby should have been. Even on the slopes I could feel him missing. He used to wear a bright blue jacket with block numbers on the sleeve- I saw someone wearing the exact same jacket. It was impossible not to do a double take, to have a tiny thread of hope expecting somehow, it would be him.

While spending time in McCall each season reminds me of different memories with Bobby. Covered in snow, I picture him building jumps in the backyard and sledding down the steepest paths he could find. I remember him as a little kid with the cutest one piece, maroon snowsuit and rosy cheeks. Or trips to Brundage from the first year he learned to ski, to this last winter on his new snowboard. Snowmobiling, walking across the ice, snowball fights, trips to the gravel pit and sledding... he's everywhere.

I can only imagine what kind of snowboarding he's doing in heaven. I know he's right there beside us in everything we do- he wouldn't miss it.

I love you Bobby, missing you every day.

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