Bobby's Story

Bobby loved taking full advantage of life. He was always spending his free time with friends and his big brother Luke. Every week he had a new 'epic' story from his crazy adventures... he loved the thrill of taking risks and showing off. Bobby wanted the best in life, he loved having new outfits, stylish snowboarding gear and made sure to keep up his appearance ALL the time.You could always smell his cologne and could tell that he loved to workout, always showing off those muscles... it's safe to say, Bobby was a little stud.

He spent this last summer cramming in as much fun as possible. Camping at Arrow Rock, taking out the jet-skis, floating the river, trips to McCall, anything he could come up with, he made it happen. Bobby had a blast this summer, possibly the best time of his life. He was a student at Mountain View High school and was just starting his Junior year. He loved going to the football games and being there for all the action, face painted, surrounded by excitement, and with his friends. He was planning on taking his driving test in September and finally getting his driver's license, he'd been waiting all summer for that. With Homecoming right around the corner, he had so much to look forward to.

It was a typical Saturday night for Bobby, he was hanging out with friends and having a good time. He was with some of his good buddies along with some new faces... without a doubt he was making new friends and having a great night. One thing lead to the next and Bobby was in the back seat of a car with three others going on a quick drive to check things out. It was around 2 a.m. and very dark in the foothills. If you've ever been to Table Rock at night you can imagine the area-- the terrain, the darkness and also the view that attracts so many. They went for a very short drive, not knowing what laid ahead. One missed turn was at it took. A simple curve in the road unseen was the cause of their accident. Going off the edge of the road caused the vehicle to roll many times ejecting Bobby and two others.

Bobby and Tiffany were taken to Heaven that night. No one saw this coming or could have prevented it. This was an accident and no one can be put to blame. This was God's plan for both of them, they were taken from this world for a reason, though we have no explanation as to why.

The morning of September 9th, I started my new job. I hardly slept the night before. My nerves were all over the place and there was a loud storm throughout the night. Looking back, I wonder if somehow my heart knew that something was wrong and if that's what kept me up that night. Work was going fine and I was starting to get the hang of things as the day went on. I was hesitant to start answering the phones, so my manager stood close by and took the calls. When I heard someone say the name Sheri Rogers, I knew something bad had happened. Why else would my mom be calling me at work on my first day? I stepped away and called her back on my cell phone. In the next few minutes my heart was broken. I had a hard time believing what she had told me. I had mentally prepared myself for news of the passing of a grandparent as I dialed her phone number. All I can remember saying was "No" over and over again. Not Bobby.

I loved Bobby so much, as did so many others. He was an extraordinary person with big dreams and strong beliefs. I thank God that Bobby was saved. I hope that his testimony will be an encouragement to others and show his friends/family/anyone reading this, that all it takes is a simple choice, faith and trust. There is absolutely no shame in making the most important decision to secure your eternal life. Bobby made sure he was prepared, once again he took full advantage of an amazing opportunity.

Sharing his story has encouraged many people to buckle up, and will continue to do so. Live each day in a way that makes you happy, we never know what tomorrow will bring. Please pray for our family and Bobby's many friends who are missing him everyday. Thank you for reading his story, and please pass it along.

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  1. I am so very proud of you, Kayla Miller! Your stories of Bobby truly make me smile and bring me comfort on nights like this when sleep doesn't come. Bobby loved you with all of his heart. You were the very best Big Sis' any little brother could ever hope to have. Your love for him continues to shine through your updates,photos and tributes. You have been an inspiration as you have taken this horrible tragedy and turned it into something positive. Running marathons and participating in safe driving events in an effort to honor Bobby and influence others to make better choices.....we are so very proud of you, Kayla! Keep telling his is making a difference around the world! Momma :)