Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amazing Love

The love shown for Bobby throughout Idaho and specifically the Treasure Valley, has been truly amazing. It immediately became obvious that he had impacted many lives and had created relationships with everyone he knew. On September 9th around 7 PM, a large group of students, friends, family members, and Mountain View staff gathered in the football field to comfort one another.

I had just gotten into town from Moscow after the longest five hour drive of my life. Once I heard that everyone was at the school, I headed straight there. I didn't hear anyone when I first got there, I wasn't sure where to go until I finally saw a big group of people on the football field. I ran to the field and a few seconds later I was in the middle of a group hug between my parents and Tiffany's mom. I finally found Luke after repeatedly searching through the crowd of teenagers. For a long time nothing was said, everyone just sat in silence... crying and unsure what to do.

There was a prayer circle with family members in the middle, surrounded by the students. Everyone held hands and Luke's friends were right beside him with hands on his shoulder. Losing Bobby and Tiffany has been very hard for Mountain View high school along with Centennial and a few others. They have come together and shown such tremendous love and support for our two angels. 

Bobby's candle lighting ceremony 

Bobby's Memorial Service-- during a song honoring he & Tiffany 

Thank you to Centennial High for this special tribute to Bobby 

The day we first saw the accident site was such an emotional experience. I sat between my brothers Luke and Matt as we drove to the foothills, higher and higher. They each held one of my hands as we continued driving. We joined Tiffany's family where we prayed together and tried to understand what had happened at that very spot. 

We released pink and blue balloons as we said our goodbyes. Where we stood was holy ground. Two very beautiful souls were taken to heaven from exactly where we were.

Tiffany's mom & our mom sharing their moment

After Tiffany's memorial service, we had a special moment honoring Bobby from home. Our family joined one another in our backyard under the stars where we released 16 floating lanterns. We had 16 years with Bobby that we will never forget. This will be a family tradition as the years go on, we will honor him, love him and always remember the wonderful person he was. 

Big sis loves you Bobby 

The week of Bobby's service had filled our house with flowers. I have never seen so many beautiful flowers in one place before. After they were admired and enjoyed by everyone at the funeral, we displayed them in the living room for a day or two until we were overtaken. We took them to Bobby's grave and gave him a blanket of flowers and love. We shared the many flowers with our Uncle Wayne who passed away last December. As the rest of the flowers began to fade, my family took them and laid them around the two crosses in the foothills. They were so beautiful, if only they lasted forever. 

This arrangement stood taller than me-- for my parents 

Bobby was so very loved, he always will be. 
Thank you for loving him and for being apart of his life. 

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