Friday, April 19, 2013

Doing it for Bobby

If you're from Boise, chances are you've heard of the Race to Robie Creek. It's been termed the "toughest race in the northwest" for its grueling hill climb in the Boise foothills. When I heard about registration for the 36th annual race, I was pretty curious. Once I realized where the race course was, I decided I had to run it. Reserve Street takes you up towards table rock- the same road Bobby went up that night and never came back from. I now have a lot of mixed feelings about these particular foothills. The day we drove up to visit the accident site, I held my breath as the hills got steeper and steeper. I can only think of Bobby when I see the cross lit up at night or when the sun is rising above those hills. Visiting his final resting place is a mix of both heartbreaking and somehow peaceful. It's hard to explain but I feel closer to him when I'm up there.

My goal is to gain some positively after this race and have a new way to look at that road. I know he'll be there pushing me along and helping me get through it. "Doing it for Bobby" because he loved a good physical challenge, accomplishing things and earning some bragging rights. My new goal in life is to try things that scare me, I know Bobby would do just about anything- and since he can't now, I'll do it for him.

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